Mandy Morris Life Couching

WHAT DOES A LIFE COACH DO? When it's time to find a Life Coach the choices can be confusing, as we all vary in our methods (learn about my methods). It's important to feel comfortable & at ease with your coach & understand what we can and cannot do for you. Whatever area of life you'd love to change & improve, life coaching tackles the challenge from a number of different points: Do you REALLY know what you want? Clarity first - so often people "know what they want without actually knowing what they want" - I've had people arrive thinking they wanted a particular thing, & leave having realised they were trying to fulfil others' expectations of them. I'll get you crystal clear on your outcome & on the path to finding your purpose. What's holding you back? - are your emotions & beliefs helping or hindering you? I'll help you clear out unhelpful habits or doubts & build self-confidence & self-belief. A clear path to follow: together we decide the actions you need to take, put them together into a clear plan and set milestones to ensure that you stay on track. Control your responses: learn new ways to interpret events & experiences so that you can control your reactions & thereby take action in a way that brings you closer to your goals. Be supported all the way: we all need someone to believe in us until we can believe in ourselves. I'll be fully behind you & as invested in achieving your goal as you are. Life coaching is fast becoming the most popular choice for people w
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